This is the story of Pokezuma.

Location: Anville Town

Date: Hamano's birthday

Name of Chapter: Start of a journey!

"Dokka... It's boring here in Anville. Why can't we do something?! Like travelling? Meeting snakes and dragons, going on adventure!" Kurama shouted to Hamano and Hayami.

"Kurama... You have such a wide fantasy. We don't even have Pokemon yet!" Hayami replied negatively.

"But still! I want to become a master of all Snake Pokemon and Dragon Pokemon!" Kurama shouted angrily. "I don't care Hayami, I want to make dreams come true!"

"Relax you two." Hamano said calmly. "Why do you always have to fight... take peace for a bit!"

Three men started walking towards the trio. All clothed in waiters costumes. One had red hair, one blue and the last one green.

"We are the Triple C brothers. We are here to give you Pokemon. We were messaged by a higher authorithy that saw your potential. My name is Cress, and I am the oldest of the brothers." Cress calmly subbed. He grabbed two pokeballs out of his pocket and handed them to Kurama. Chili and Cilan did the same with Hamano and Hayami respectively.

"Pokemon?! Awesome! I'm gonna be the best trainer in the world!" Kurama shouted in phase.

"You can earn your first badge already, just step on the train." Cilan said as he pointed to the train station.

"Badges... We aren't ready for that stuff yet! We're just newbies in Pokemon!" Hayami told Chili. The shock on Chili's face was too huge to be described. 

"Are you giving up already?! You haven't even started yet! Take some courage! Pump yourself up!" Chili shouted angered. Hayami wasn't planning on answering this. Instead, he wanted to focus on tactics.

"Besides, it's nothing more than fighting. Just ordering attacks and trying to beat the opponent. Seems like some boring stuff to me. Nothing interesting." Hayami said. This time, Cilan was the shocked one.

"If you think so, then go ahead. But I have a challenge! Hamano! Challenge Train Leader Emmet! Kurama! You challenge Ingo! And Hayami... After Kurama's and Hamano's battles, try challenging them in a double battle. You will be shocked with their strategies and you'll learn it's not just fighting!" Cilan said. Hayami had a challenging face: He would accept the challenge.

The three of them headed to the train station.

"What are you waiting for?" Cress said.

As soon as Cress finished his sentence, the three rushed to the train station, wanting to challenge the leaders.

End of Chapter 1

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