This is the story of Pokezuma.

Location: Nuvema Town

Date: Hamano's birthday

Name of Chapter: The Mysterious Draken!

"Tsurugi! Our Pokemon are leveling up good! When would they evolve?" Shindou told Tsurugi after they won another double battle.

"Tsurugi... Always so excited. Hmpf." As always, Tsurugi replied negatively.

"You... interesting trainers. Come here." A white-haired boy said. He looked very mysterious.

"We are from Team Plasma! We can give a better life to Pokemon! Pokemon shouldn't be hurt in battle! We will liberate Pokemon!" A weird man in a knight-like costume said.

"I love their ideas. Giving a better life to Pokemon. Their uses could be improved, however." The boy said. "My name is Draken. Could I be so honored to fight you, as I see you have Pokemon?" He implied.

"Always! Tsurugi! Ready?!" Shindou yelled in excitement.

"Hmpf. I'll show this dude some attacks. Shelmet! Tackle his Purrloin!" Tsurugi shouted as the battle began.

"Purrloin! Evade and attack!" Draken shouted. With one hit, Shelmet was down.

"Shelmet?!" Tsurugi yelled.

"My turn! Karrablast! Scratch! And finish the Pidove with a Bug Bite!" Shindou took his turn.

"Pidove, dodge and Wing Attack!" Draken hit again. Karrablast was knocked out too.

"Such pressure... and such foolish attacks. You should focus on tactics. Especially you." As he pointed to Tsurugi.

"I'll teach you..." Tsurugi said angerly.

"Calm down Tsurugi." Shindou said as Draken walked away. A rivalry had born.

Location: Train Station

"Emmet! Let's battle!" Hamano said as he was all alone on the train.

"Hmpfs. Eelektrik!" Emmet sent out Eelektrik."Dragon Claw!"

"Dodge and use Razor Shell!" Hamano attacked, but the claw and the shell colided.

"Eelektrik! Dragon Claw again!" The same thing happened: they colided again.

"Osha! Keep up! Razor... SHELL!" Hamano ordered the attack again.

"Dragon Claw!" Suddenly, the claw broke the shell.

"O-Osha!" Hamano shouted out.

"Zap Cannon!" The beam was fired. Osha fainted.

"Hmpf. Sear!" Hamano sent out Sear.

"Water.... Pulse!" Emmet shouted as Water Pulse was fired.

"Lick!" Sear suddenly swallowed the water.

"Use EMBER!" Hamano shouted. Suddenly, the water and fire came out at the same time.

"This move... It's making a similair effect to Scald! Eelektrik! Get out of there!" It was too late. Eelektrik had won.

"Oh yeah! My first badge! Thank you guys! Sear, Return!" Hamano was filled with joy.

End of Chapter 2

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