Long ago, two heroes assembled powers of nature and created the Inazuma Region. Those heroes had control of one Pokemon. The name of this Pokemon, was never known. While the younger Hero of the sun sought Ideals, the older Hero of the moon sought Truth. This drove the Pokemon crazy, and it split in two. These Pokemon are now known as the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom.

Location: God Eden

Date: Three years ago

PoV: Hakuryuu

Here I sat. On God Eden. Together with Hydreigon. He had this look in his eyes. Something was about to happen. And he was right. This man with pink hair walked up to me. He called my name. I wasn't sure how he got it, since I haven't had many contact. He said his name was Sedai. I knew this was a codename, but I wouldn't dare to ask. He told me I had to become the king of his organisation. I didn't understand at first. He then told me I would have the chance to liberate Pokemon. He showed me how humans made them suffer. I could sense their pain. It was weird, but I had a gift. And I still have it. I sense when Pokemon are hurt. I sense their painings and I don't want to see them suffer. The man showed me how humans made them suffer. My name is Hakuryuu.

End of Prologue

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